Friday, September 19, 2008

Maren Juell Kristensen in Liverpool Biennial Independents and NICE08

VOYEUR member Maren Juell Kristensen represents Norway with ART WILL ABSOLVE ME in FIVE NORDIC WOMEN at NOVAS CUC, Greenland Street, Liverpool, UK

The exhibition is a part of Liverpool Biennial Independents and NICE08. The exhibition is up during the whole period of the biennial: 20 September - 30 November 2008. Sponsored by The Norwegian Embassy.

Maren Juell Kristensen's work is concerned with the expectation of meaning and the wish for fulfilment and purpose. She frequently uses video, both as a device for storytelling and as a physical presence of light where the dramaturgical and material composition of the video is an essential part of the concept. The recurrent, familiar and repeating narratives in mass media and popular culture are used for their symbolic and emotive values. Often within a pictorial language and directness borrowed from other media. With the exhibition Art Will Absolve Me Maren Juell Kristensen’s works revolves around ‘doing the right thing’ and what happens when something terrible becomes neutralised, or even beautiful from a far away perspective. With references to Nietzsche’s Beyond good and evil and Susan Sontag’s Regarding the pains of others, Maren Juell Kristensen wants to approach this at a multiple angle with an underlying naive search for meaningfulness which also questions the value of the art object and purpose of art in this context. The exhibition consists of 4 video pieces and 4 watercolour series, where the installation and objectification is as important as the content.

Visit website for more information.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taryn Fitzgerald, Shaun Wilson and Tammy Honey

17-27 September 2008
VOYEUR members Taryn Fitzgerald, Shaun Wilson and Tammy Honey will have video work in The Mirror Stage, International Video Art Exhibition in Cyprus.

Visit website for more information.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Marian Tubbs @ Kudos Gallery

Marian Tubbs,Yeah, that's probably about it then, 2008

An exhibition exploring the dynamic interpretations of feminist art practices today. Since its inception in 1991, this annual show by the College of Fine Arts Women’s Collective provides an alternative platform for feminist discourse and aims to represent the diverse influences that characterises feminism in art.

Kudos Gallery
6 Napier St, Paddington NSW, Australia
27th Aug-6 Sept, Opening 26th of August 5-7:30pm

Visit gallery website for more information.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alex Staiger in Won't get fooled again

WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN at Cafe Gallery Projects, London.

Alex Staiger's Princess Penang Episode Two: Marshmallow Magic (2007) will be
screened and Staiger will be doing a Live Princess Penang Healing Ceremony at the Private view on the 13th of September about 4pm.

Visit website for more information.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Claudine Kraan in Ugly Heritage

22 August-6 September 2008
Joint Hassles
2A Mitchell St Northcote, VIC, Australia

Visit website for more information.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Magda Matwiejew finalist in ATOM Awards 2008

Magda Matwiejew's Broken Spell has been announced finalist in the ATOM Awards 2008 Best Experimental category. Matwiejew video Insect was finalist in ATOM Awards 2006.

Visit website for more information.

Magda Matwiejew, Broken Spell, 2007

Julia Dogra-Brazell's upcoming screenings

Plot will be screened at the Baltimore Woman's Film Festival in the USA. Festival dates: 23-26 Oct 2008.
Visit festival website for more information.

Girl in a Taxi Cab will be installed in Light divided at The Louise Blouin Institute in London, 21 August 2008. Ben Austin presents a contemporary interpretation on the age-old technique of Chiaroscuro – the extremes of light and dark. A mix of both emerging and established painters, photographers and video artists explore both the aesthetic and psychological effects of light, and its ability to both create and destroy.
Visit website for more information.

The Garden will be screened at the One Minute International Film and Video Festival in Aarau, Switzerland Dates: August 22-24 Visit festival website for more information.

Also, Julia Dogra-Brazell's Plot will be released on DVD later this year.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marian Tubbs and Shaun Wilson in SECONDARY SOURCES

Curated by Dr. Phil Edwards
Building 2, Bowen Street, Melbourne

Often works of the imagination in the form of literature, i.e. novels, religious texts, film scripts or poetry, act an as inspiration and source material for visual artworks. Each artist responds to the individual works of fiction that have influenced their art practice, as distinct from theoretical and academic texts.

Visit website for more information.

Marian Tubbs, Page 4 (detail), 2008

Barbara Agreste in 2video ad Altomonte

Between the 2-30 August 2008 Voyeur member Barbara Agreste will show work in 2video ad Altomonte
at Convento Domenicano, P.zza Tommaso Campanella, 87042 Altomonte (CS)
Hours: tutti i giorni dalle ore 10:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 20:00 (soggetti a variazioni) Ingresso libero

Visit Barbara Agreste's website for more details.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Barbara Agreste @ La Chiesa di S.Giovanni Battista Nel Solstzio d'estate

Exhibition runs 25 June-9 July
Opening @ 6pm 25 June
Gallery Open daily: 10am to 8pm

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista delle Gerosolimitane
Penne (PE), Italy

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Magda Matwiejew @ Karen Woodbury Gallery

Magda Matwiejew latest exhibition Broken Spell is on between 18 June - 5 July 2008.
Her video, Broken Spell, 2007 along with framed photographs are featured.

Karen Woodbury Gallery
4 Albert Street
Richmond, VIC 3121
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun 11-5pm
Visit gallery website for more information on the exhibition.

Broken Spell, 2007

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Erica Eyres at Haas & Fischer Gallery in Zurich

Voyeur member Erica Eyres will exhibit 10 May-20 June at;

Sihlhallenstrasse 19
8004 Zürich

Opening Hours
Wed - Fri 14 - 18
Sat 12 - 16
Sun - Tue by appointment

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Barbara Agreste in Chicago USA

VOYEUR member Barbara Agreste will have video work in the following show

Animation Digital Antidotes

Curated by LiveBox

Animation has moved to the center of our moving-image culture. America’s children spend more time engaging anime and avatars than they watch network TV. Animated formats compete with main line cinema, and new media artists commonly utilize and manipulate animation processes in their projects. A proliferation of easy to use animation software such as Flash has introduced animation to artists. Digital animation processes now used by artists encompasses a fast array of approaches, from simple tools to industrial software used to create the latest Pixar blockbuster.
Digital Antidotes is a selection of video art that is digitally animated.

exhibting artists: Barbara Agreste - Robbyn Alexander - Carl Burton - Michael Greathouse - Bradley Hyppa - Kazuhiko Kobayashi - Aleksander Kostjuk - Hillary Mushkin - Orit Ben Shitut - Jessica Westbrook

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Robyn Voshardt & Sven Humphrey upcoming events

New & Improved, 2007, 2'21min, HD single channel video/sound, dim. variable

24 April - 28 April 2008

Around the Coyote Video Lounge at Artropolis:
Curated by LiveBox

Merchandise Mart, Chicago, 8th floor
(concurrent with Art Chicago & NEXT)

PREVIEW TONIGHT 24.04.08, 6 to 9pm
Through Monday 28.04.08

Solo artist installations:
Robyn Voshardt / Sven Humphrey, Blake Carrington, Fabienne Gautier, Tim Geers, and Julia Oldham

Screening Room:
Marlo Bodzick, Christopher Bruchansky, Ellen Lake, Pierre St Jacques, Elizabeth Riley, Chie Yamayoshi

Around the Coyote, as a cultural partner of The Artist Project at Artropolis, brings you the Around the Coyote Video Lounge curated by LiveBox. ARTropolis is Chicago’s citywide celebration of arts, antiques and culture. The Video Lounge will open for the preview celebrations on April 24th, and run concurrently with Art Chicago through April 28, 2008.

Since the rise of You Tube and the use of video as a communication language, there has been talk about the death of video art. For many it is becoming increasing difficult to access the artistic quality of video art when the format represents entertainment and cheap reproduction. Very recently though, there has been talk of Video as “New.” New York times critic Holland Cotter wrote in January 2008, “At present it is shaped by a combination of pop fantasy, ingrained cybersmarts, neo tribalism and the angst-free take on contemporary life that marks attention-deficient internet culture.” Cotter was talking about a collection of rising video artists who were creating stunning original video. You Tube habitation and the like had liberated these artists to create fearless work. The ARTropolis Video Lounge is a celebration of video as a seminal medium for young artists today.

1 May - 24 May 2008

International Digital Art Projects
The Block
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove, Australia

This exhibition reflects a global commitment to exploring cultural identity through leading professional arts practice in digital media. Building on 2007’s Vernacular Terrain exhibition, VT2 presents vibrant, innovative screen-based and photo-media works from international and Indigenous Australian new-media artists.

through 10 April, 2008

Utopia of Space: Post for Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republik

Curated by Latitia Norkeit and Maxim Neroda

How does one bring international art into a country which does not have the financial means required to organize an international exhibition? Latitia Norkeit and Maxim Neroda, two artists from Germany who currently live and work in Bishkek, met this challenge by creating a project in cooperation with the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, giving it the provocative title “Post for Kyrgyzstan.” For the past few months, packages have been arriving at the museum from artists all over the world. The exhibition will give visitors access to a wide variety of contemporary art otherwise not available, and also show that art does not necessarily involve expensive materials and immense effort. Plans are underway for a new incarnation of the exhibition in Nürnberg and Berlin.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Claudine Kraan at tcb in Melbourne

Voyeur member Claudine Kraan will have video work in 'Informal Rituals' 9-19 April 2008.
Curated by Alex Vivian and Helen Johnson

TCB Art inc
level1/12 Waratah Place

Opening Hours: wed-sat 12-6pm

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kim Collmer screening in USA and Australia

Kim Collmer's video Berlin Skin will be featured in the following screenings:

April 3 2008
'Our Friends are Electric', part of the Urban Screens Conference and Berlin's MediaFacades, Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.

April 5 2008
Artistic Mediums: Revelations of the Invisible, Museum of New Art, Detroit- Opening April 5th, organized by Mary Lucking and Andrew Sempere

May 8 2008
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles- May 8th. Organized by LiveBox, Chicago

Erica Eyres at Rokeby Gallery in London

Erica Eyres is interested in the human condition; through her drawings and videos she examines human nature, how we perceive others, how others perceive us and how we portray ourselves to others.

The disquieting female characters that Eyres depicts in stark ballpoint pen, self-consciously pose for the viewer awkwardly, clumsy, vulnerable and bashful; their flaws and blemishes openly on display whether in states of undress, or contrived sexual poses. In each instance the viewer is persuaded to engage in the power games instigated in watching and being watched though the experience is never wholly satisfying. Rather, through identification with the character, one is left with a sense of fracture, conscious of ones own flaws and deficiencies. As described in theories of The Uncanny, the viewer at once experiences both the familiar and the unfamiliar resulting in a sensation of cognitive dissonance whereby one simultaneously feels empathy and revulsion.

Similarly, in her videos, Eyres often borrows from the aesthetic and artificiality of low budget television or film. The addition of a psychological intricacy results in incongruous reactions in viewers who express both repulsion and compassion towards the characters portrayed. In her video’s Eyres is the actor who subjects herself to the scrutiny of the viewer, however it is the viewers scrutiny of their own self-image that is reflected in her struggling characters; we recognise the fact that this self-image is not necessarily the same as that in which others perceive us.

The artist’s videos and drawings are equally, and sometimes grotesquely, contrived; characteristics are exaggerated and physical attributes amplified in such a manner that the viewer is surprised to be led to any truth concerning human nature. Such is the insight and honesty that Eyres reveals.

Private View: April 04, 2008, 18:30 - 20:30
Exhibition: April 04, 2008 - May 09, 2008
Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11:00 - 18:00

37 Store Street
London, WC1E 7QF
+44 (0)20 7168 9942
+44(0)7968 027 505

For more information about Erica Eyres please visit

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Next Voyeur Screening

VOYEUR members; Tammy Honey, Kim Collmer, Shaun Wilson, Magda Matwiejew, Buckius/Manos, Christoph Oertli, Co Grundler, Anina Schenker, Erica Eyres and Voshardt/Humphery will be featured in a screening at;

LOOP, 3 April 2008, starts 7pm
23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

VOYEUR Newsletter March 2008

The 3rd issue of VOYEUR's newsletter has been published and can be downloaded through below link...

Happy reading!!!

VOYEUR Newsletter-March 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008


VOYEUR welcomes our newest member Magda Matwiejew to the collective. For the last six years Matwiejew has worked exclusively with digital media. Her main interest is experimental video and animation. She recently won best experimental animation for her film ‘Insect’ at the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival. Matwiejew lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Magda Matwiejew, ‘Insect’, video-still

Monday, March 10, 2008

Marian Tubbs

‘Lines exist where signs fold’ is Sydney based VOYEUR member Marian Tubbs laterst solo exhibition at Kings ARI in Melbourne.

Kings ARI
Level 1/171 King Street, Melbourne, Australia
March 15 until April 5
Wednesday- Saturdays: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Tubbs is interested in repetitions of information and moments of change. She uses signs that are familiar to you so the scope must be huge and irreducible.
Tubbs is doing a research Masters at COFA UNSW in Sydney, supported by an Australian postgraduate award. ‘Lines exist where signs fold’ was made possible by a 2007 ARTSPACE studio residency.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Voyeur At hOur Factory

VOYEUR members: Alex Staiger, Ulrika Holmlund, Kristin Skees, Monique Malone, Bridget Walker, Co Grundler, Talice Lee, Sofi Basseghi and Shannon Carpenter were included in the newest of the new-an art event featuring music, video, art, performance and sculpture. All artists responded to the theme ‘Unwrapped’.

1 March with a 7pm start.
2/181 Smith St, Fitzroy, Australia.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey

VOYEUR members Voshardt/Humphrey are exhibiting during 20-23 February at Push Play: Abstraction and Performance College Art Association Annual Conference, Dallas. For info:

Their video ‘New and Improved’ will be shown in a video program curated by Andrea Grover, Mary Magsamen & Stephan Hillerbrand at Media Lounge:Lone Star Ballroom C4, 2nd Floor, Adam’s Mark Hotel, open 9am every morning.

*25 March-4 May/ Wild Life, Wildlife exhibition, Mount Ida College, Newton, Massachusetts

*March 29 / Utopia of Space, Kyrgyz Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republik.

*14 March-18 April/Vernacular Terrain, traveling exhibition, by IDA Projects, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

*28 April-4 June/Creative Industries Block Space Gallery, Queensland Univ. of Tech.

Humphrey/Voshardt, ‘New and Improved’, video-still

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alex Staiger

VOYEUR member Alex Staiger’s video ‘Princess Penang: Coaching for Success Episode One: Let ME Introduce Myself’ will be screened on Wednesday, 27 February at the Griffin, 93 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RD at 8pm.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Maren Juell Kristensen

VOYEUR member Maren Juell Kristensen is exhibiting in ‘LIGHTS ON - norsk samtidskunst’ at Astrup Fearnley MOMA in Norway with her text animation ‘wish’. The exhibition features new Norwegian contemporary art.
For more info visit:

Juell-Kristensen’s video ‘7/7’ was exhibitied in ‘RYKK TILBAKE TIL START’ (return to start) at Project 0047.For more info visit:

Maren Juell-Kristensen, ‘7/7’, video-still

In January, Juell-Kristensen’s video installation ‘cleaning in progress’ was part of an exhibition titled ‘Kunstvisitten’ at Akershus Kunstnersenter, this is now a traveling show in Akershus County, Norway.

Maren Juell-Kristensen, ‘Cleaning in Progress’, installation

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Second issue of VOYEUR's newsletter has been published and can be downloaded through below link...

Happy reading!!!

VOYEUR Newsletter-December 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Voyeur IN MID_E 07 in Spain

VOYEUR members: Barbara Agreste, Robyn Voshardt/Sven Humphrey, Seline Baumgartner, Kim Collmer, Ulrika Holmlund, Maren Juell Kristensen and Talice Lee will have video work included in the international screening;

Closer - International Video Art Program
Wednesday, 28 November at 7:30pm

at Arteleku & KM Kulturunea
in San Sebastian, Spain.
Curated by Colectivo Yox.

View website for more information: MID_E

Sunday, November 25, 2007

ERICA EYRES @ The Recreation Room

Eyres work is exhibiting in The Recreation Room, an exhibition of new videowork titled ‘Commercials’ along with sculptural works.

November 29 - December 2, 2007
Hours:  12 to 5pm
Lowsalt:  265 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G3 6TT

Saturday, November 24, 2007


VOYEUR member Maren Juell Kristensen is exhibiting her newest work titled ‘Watercolours for videoinstallations’ at Climate of Change, 235-241 Union Street, London SE1 OLR. Open daily 11-5pm until 31 December 2007.

View Maren Juell Kristensen website for more details.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Claudine Kraan and Bridget Walker, both situated in Melbourne, Australia are the newest VOYEUR members.

Claudine Kraan, ‘From Seed to Square’, video-still

Bridget Walker, ‘One Verse No Chorus’, video-still

Thursday, November 15, 2007


VOYEUR member Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey are exhibiting video, drawings and paintings in the following shows.

5-9 December 2007
Art Miami - Video Outpost
Miami Beach
435 21st Street

5-9 December 2007
SMFA December Sale
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
230 The Fenway, Boston

Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey, 'New & Improved', video-still

6-9 December 2007
Bridge Art Fair
Miami Beach
The Catalina Hotel
1732 Collins Ave

4 December 2007 – 28 January 2008
Florida Fellowship Award Exhibition
Miami Dade College
Kendall Gallery, Martin & Pat Fine Center
for the Arts
11011 SW 104th Street, Miami

Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey, 'The Fall', video-still

View Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey website for more details.

Monday, November 12, 2007

KIM COLLMER @ Boots Contemporary Art Space

VOYEUR member Kim Collmer’s video portrait piece, ‘The Pin Ups’ is currently part of an exhibition called AMASS at the Boots Contemporary Art Space in St. Louis.

Please visit Boots Art for more information.

Kim Collmer, ‘The Pin Ups’, video-still

Saturday, November 10, 2007


VOYEUR member Shaun Wilson is screening at OPTICA 07 in Spain between 16-18th November with his work ‘Uber Memoria 9 (short version)’. Other forthcoming exhibitions include screenings of the full uber memoria series (x140) at the National Centre of Contemporary Art Moscow in 2008.

For more information visit: Shaun Wilson Blog

Thursday, November 1, 2007

ERICA EYRES @ Fette's Gallery

VOYEUR member Erica Eyres will feature work in ‘Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up’.

November 2 - December 22, 2007
Fette’s Gallery
4255 Baldwin Avenue
Culver City, ca 90232, USA
wed. to sat. 11am to 5 pm

View Erica Eyres website for more details.

Erica Eyres, ‘Sasha’, ball-point pen on paper

Monday, October 15, 2007


VOYEUR member Julia Dogra-Brazell’s video ‘Plot’ has been selected for the International Festival of Cinema and Technology in 2008.

Dates and cities to be announced. View festival website for more details: International Festival of Cinema and Technology

Thursday, September 6, 2007


First issue of VOYEUR's newsletter has been published and can be downloaded through below link...

Happy reading!!!

VOYEUR Newsletter-September 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Next VOYEUR screening

VOYEUR collective will take part of EXPOSED - a screening adventure at Basement ARI in Fiskars, Finland on the 21 September 2007 at 8pm, featuring videos from the VOYEUR artists.

Basement ARI
Antskogintie 36a 2

Kl: 20.00 21.9.2007

Ulrika Holmlund's solo show 'Entangled Bodies'

VOYEUR member Ulrika Holmlund will end her artist residency (at ONOMA Fiskars Co-operative) in Finland with an exhibition titled ‘Entangled Bodies’ in Basement ARI in Fiskars, Finland 24-26th of September. The opening will take place on the 24 September 6-8pm. For more information on Ulrika’s work please visit

Basement ARI
Antskogintie 36a 2

Screenings of Kim Collmer's work

VOYEUR member Kim Collmer will screen her video ‘Berlin Skin’ in the following exhibitions:

* 'Post-Cinema' at RMIT in Melbourne curated by Dr. Shaun Wilson in October.
* 'Not Still Art Festival' on Saturday October 13th at the Micro Museum in Brooklyn, NY.
* 'Do Billboards Dream Of Electric Screens' as part of an urban screens project in Nottingham, England, organized by Trampoline of Berlin.
'Berlin Skin', video-still

Kim Collmer’s videos ‘Animate Locate’ and ‘the Fold’ will be part of this year’s 'Around the Coyote Festival' in October in Chicago, thanks to Livebox Gallery and Catherine Forester.
'The Fold', video-still

'One Verse, No Chorus' by Bridget Walker

‘One Verse, No Chorus’ developed independently by VOYEUR member Bridget Walker during a period of time spent in the Northern Territory, Australia recently appeared as part of the Experimental/Conceptual Shorts program of the 56th Melbourne International Film Festival and is due to screen in September at EXiS07 Experimental Film & Video Festival, Seoul, Korea and in October in the Southern Panorama of the 16th International Electronic Art Festival SESC VIDEOBRASIL

Sunday, August 26, 2007

VOYEUR member ERICA EYRES latest exhibition

Torn Stockings In The Dark
Glasgow Project Room
64 Osborne Street

Preview: September 1, 7-9 pm
Opening Hours: September 3 - September 8, 12-5 pm

Friday, July 13, 2007


Alex Staiger a member of the VOYEUR collective is in the Goldsmiths Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

Digital Art Week 07 in Zurich, Switzerland

The Digital Art Week is now on 10-14 July with an interesting program of Symposiums, Performances, Workshops and Exhibitions.

About the Cabled Madness Performance Series

Attention: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have some good news and I have some bad news: The good news is that we have a very strong tail wind. And we're doing 1400 miles per hour over land, the bad news is that all of our navigatin instruments are out and we don't know where we are and we don't know where we're going. And that's our situation, our science and technology is a tail wind the like of which we've never had before. We're going so god damn fast." -jw
Interested to book a flight? crazed cocktails, freaks, no smoking zones, lots of cable, and state of technology- hacked, grounded and freshly pressed. Climb aboard the 21st Century and experience it live now: Intelligence without morals beyond 1400 miles per hour.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New VOYEUR committee members

Voyeur would like to welcome our newest committee members, Sofi Basseghi and Bridget Walker. With their help we will make VOYEUR bigger and better!!!! A big VOYEUR welcome!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

VOYEUR @ PerformIT 2007 Experimental Live Art Festival

16 Selected VOYEUR artists screened at PerformIT 2007 experimental live art festival at Historic y in Tucson, Arizona USA.
for more details of venue and program please visit;

VOYEUR Artist screened during festival:

Monique Malone / Australia
Intrinsic 3’57min 2006

Robert Hecimovic / Australia
Japan 4’39min 2006-07

James Bryans / Australia
Those people down there look like ants… 3’06min 2005

Kim Collmer / Germany
Silver Seeds 9’13min 2005

Shannon Carpenter / USA
Spotlight 2’06min 2003

Barbara Agreste / Italy
The Chequered Tunnel 5’05min 2005

Lauren Olney / Australia
Circle 9’10min 2005

Sarah Lynch / Australia
Sweetiepie 3’45min 2002

Marian Tubbs / Australia
Definition of a film 3’00min 2005

Flavia Caviezel / Switzerland
So close so far away 4’00min 2002-03

Erica Eyres / Scotland
Destiny Green 7’28min 2006

Anina Schenker / Switzerland
Gotten out of the air 1’47min 2003

Buckius & Manos / USA
101 Ways to Humanize Technology 3’11min 2007

Alex Staiger / England
Artless formless 3’15min 2006

Christoph Oertli / Switzerland
Come, heavy sleep 7’40min 2004

Ulrika Holmlund / Australia
It’s like I speak another language 3’50min 2005

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Just a reminder not to miss out on the VOYEUR ONE exhibition at 69 Smith Street Gallery.

VOYEUR – International Video Collective

Melbourne: VOYEUR – International Video Collective is a Melbourne-based, artist-run bureau dedicated to the worldwide distribution of information on contemporary video art via the Internet.

Founded in 2006, VOYEUR creates opportunities for emerging and established video artists to screen work not only online but also in national and international festivals, galleries and forums. It will work as both an online video gallery and a framework for the presentation of diverse, exceptional and original video work from emerging and established video artists from across the globe.

As a survey of contemporary video art, the mission of VOYEUR is to provide a welcoming, creative, collaborative and affordable environment for artists and activists engaged in the pursuit of new ideas within video art.

VOYEUR launched its artists and website with an exhibition held at 69 Smith Street Gallery in Fitzroy, 18 April to 6 May 2007 during the ARI Making Space artist-run initiatives in Victoria.


Alan Skees/USA Anina Schenker/SWITZERLAND Barbara Agreste/ITALY Buckius & Manos/USA Christoph Oertli/SWITZERLAND Co Grundler/SWITZERLAND Erica Eyres/SCOTLAND Flavia Caviezel/SWITZERLAND Franziska Lauber/SWITZERLAND Jaguar Lacroix/AUSTRALIA James Bryans/AUSTRALIA Julia Dogra-Brazell/ENGLAND Kim Collmer/GERMANY Kristin Skees/USA Lauren Olney/AUSTRALIA Maren Juell Kristensen/NORWAY Marian Tubbs/AUSTRALIA Monique Malone/AUSTRALIA Robert Hecimovic/AUSTRALIA Sarah Lynch/AUSTRALIA Seline Baumgartner/SWITZERLAND Shannon Carpenter/USA Shaun Wilson/AUSTRALIA Sofi Basseghi/AUSTRALIA Susan Carnahan/USA Talice Lee/USA Tammy Honey/AUSTRALIA Taryn FitzGerald/USA Ulrika Holmlund/AUSTRALIA

For further information, please ring exhibition coordinator on 9347 2713 or email, or visit

VOYEUR ONE / VOYEUR – International Video Collective

Exhibition dates: 18 April–6 May 2007
Gallery: 69 Smith Street Gallery, 69 Smith Street, Fitzroy 3065
Phone: (03) 9347 2713
Gallery hours: Wednesday–Saturday 11–5 pm, Sunday 12–5 pm

VOYEUR is supported by 69 Smith Street Gallery, Uniform Design and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments.